Mirror, Mirror


Feeling like punching the wall ,fighting my mirror reflection not believing I have become what I am looking at .

Convincing myself that closing my eyes for a second will change the reality, naively closing them but opening them only to see the same image .

A reflection of years back. A reflection of feelings I forgot or don’t want to remember . 

Turning my back to the mirror. Forcing a smile and believing what I saw is only a reflection of the past, hoping it’s not a glimpse of the future .


Lack of answers

story0amade0ashort-defaultShe is a quiet kid and always alone.

she doesn’t smile much , i guess she is just shy.

she never had a boyfriend ,  she is a kind kid.

she is smart and always work hard i feel she will definitely succeed in the future.

she was not a quiet kid or ever wanted to be alone, she was always fighting herself not to be, always wanted to make friends and be popular, but what can a 7 years old girl do ?
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The walled city

thisismyworld0awide26open0aandwaiting-defaultEach one of us is living in his own walled city ,

Afraid of trying new things , and settling with the familiarity of our own life.

Our inner survivor tells us to fight , to run , to change , to cross the walled city’s door for a bigger,wider world.

Inspired by : the walled city (book)


wlifehat you want from life ? and what life gives you?

happiness, Love, Family, Children, Money, Fame….

Things all of us want ..

some of us have courage to gain them and some cry over not having them.

Inspired by : A Hundred Year’s Inheritance (Korean drama)